Clinic Small-sided Soccer

UpdatedWednesday November 9, 2016 byMax Glick.

SFAAA Clinic is introducing small-sided games, a format endorsed by US Youth Soccer because it is developmentally appropriate for younger children. Small-sided games are played on smaller fields and with fewer players. Small-sided games will allow our young players to touch the ball more, which helps elevate their skill level and confidence, allowing players to be successful. There are no goalies so there's more scoring and more fun! And fewer players on the field means more opportunities for individual instruction with coaches. For more information about the small-sided game format, please visit
Why Small-Sided Games? The kids want to be where the action is and at this age it is around the ball. This format will provide the opportunity for the children to further develop their running, jumping and kicking coordination. These are valuable traits for all young soccer players to develop.
  • The smaller number of players takes into account the egocentrism of this age group and therefore allows each child more opportunities for kicking and dribbling the ball. 
  • With fewer players on the field each child has an increased number of contacts with the ball and has more actual playing time.
  • The players will be required to make more decisions and experience repeating game situations frequently.
  • The work rate and involvement of players will be more consistent. 
  • While learning both offense and defense, players will become well rounded and will understand more readily the roles and importance of teammates.